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Food and cooking has always been my passion. Not only as pleasure of eating or trying new dishes, but first of all as important factor of health and wellbeing.
It’s a real joy for me to prepare meals for myself and my beloved ones choosing natural, healthy products, avoiding chemicals and reducing sugars to minimum. I like to know what is on my plate and what was it made of.
Last years I’ve been on low carb diet, implementing ketogenic diet periodically. This way of eating improved significantly my health and shape.

My education is not in any way connected to nutrition, food science or fitness. All I stand for is based on my own experience. There’s bunch of articles, books and research which say clearly that sugarfree diet, low carb, ketogenic diet are most beneficial for our body and mind.

I’d like to encourage you to take care of yourself. Food is key factor here. Best would be to contact the doctor and check out your health before making any diet change. But when you do it, believe me, it’s easier than you think. There’s bunch of yummy and healthy products on the market. Its not difficult to replace product which is full of sugar with low carb or keto version. Why not to play with food and seek for what’s best for you?

In this blog I’ll share my experience in ketogenic and low carb diet. I will publish recipes for simple meals, also recipes for which you can use products from our shop.
Just try and enjoy!


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