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Keto adaptation

This is a process which the body goes through while carbohydrates are significantly reduced and the body switches over to use fat as fuel for energy. It’s a process that can take several weeks, usually 4 to 6.

Becoming keto-adapted requires that you restrict your intake of carbs. The amount of carbs in grams is very individual matter, main rule says that 5% of daily calorie intake should be carbs, 80% fat and 15% protein. This numbers are valid only for adaptation process to stimulate your body to create ketones, which are created in the liver during a process called beta-oxidation. Ketones are the fuel your body uses (instead of using glucose) when you are fat adapted.


When you are fat adapted, you actually produce ketones and use fat that you eat and this one in your body.

Taking carbs out from a diet may be a shock for the body and you may experience so called keto flu. Typical symptoms feel similar to the real flu, besides fever. Your body also gets rid of water and it gives a nice visual effect (body looks leaner) but unfortunately loosing water means loosing minerals and that causes nasty headache. Easy way to help is supplement electrolytes, magnesium, potassium and sodium. In my opinion, if you eat food rich of nutrition,especially lots of veggies, it is not necessary to supplement potassium. But everybody should definitely take magnesium.


Sodium – that’s easy – just add salt to your meals.

   Highly recommended is MCT oil which is mainly comprised of medium-chain fatty acids and goes directly to the liver to be converted into energy. MCT speeds up ketones production and it´s C8 version is most powerful.

There is one more way to support keto adaptation process and minimalize symptoms of keto flu. It is exogenous ketones (BHB) which can help you get into ketosis faster and provide a temporary energy boost.

My personal experience with keto adaptation is very positive, mostly because I didn´t feel any keto flu symptoms. I am pretty sure it´s because I have been practising low carb diet for many years and my body had no problems connected to cutting down on carbs. Whenever I felt energy drop, I was supplementing BHB and MCT oil and both work on me as great energy boosters. And most of all – positive attitude. I took this transformation period as an interesting adventure in my life, which eventually led me to significant health and shape improvement.


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