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Bio Coconut Oil Extra Virgin 500ml

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Coconut oil is obtained from the hard flesh of coconut. It is unrefined, cold pressed. It is considered the healthiest oil in the world, it is used both in gastronomy and in cosmetics. It is suitable for frying and baking, it replaces margarine in the kitchen and additionally gives the dishes a delicate coconut flavor. In cosmetology it works as a cream and hair conditioner. 

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100% organic coconut oil

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Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value
    3606 kJ / 862 kcal
  • fat 100 g
    including saturated 94 g
  • carbohydrates 0 g
    of which sugars 0 g
  • protein 0 g
  • salt 0 g


Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight does not require refrigeration. Note traces of a brown deposit are natural for coconut. The oil becomes solid at temperatures below 24C.

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