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Butter Ghee natural 320ml

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Ghee clarified butter can be used in many ways in cooking – it intensifies the taste of any dish, defines the aroma of spices and combines flavors. This butter may be used as perfect ingredient of bearnaise or hollandaise sauce.

  • for frying – doesn´t burn,
  • for cooking – soups, stew, for heating up,
  • for baking – as replacement of unhealthy margarine,
  • on bread 

Ghee is also used in cosmetology thank to it´s features – used for massage, face and hair mask, used as cream.

  • Ghee is produced according to old traditional Indian method.
  • It is clarified for 8 to 12 h (depending on time of the year and what cows eat – grass of hay),
  • Our ghee comes from milk of polish cows bred in cleanest southern part of Poland. Cows are only grass fed.
  • Ghee butter doesn´t contain lactose, gluten or casein – perfect alternative for people with food intolerance
  • Does not burn, has high smoke point – 260 C⁰,
  • Can be consumed by pregnant and breast feeding women,
  • it is 100% milk fat,
  • Rich of vitamins A,D, E, K,
  • Doesn´t contain bad cholesterol,
  • Doesn´t contain preservatives, thickeners, colourings.


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100% milk fat

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Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value  3675 kJ / 894 kcal
  • fat 100 g
    of which are saturated  73 g
  • carbohydrates 0 g
  • protein 0 g

Product is : gluten, lactose and casein free.

You don’t need to refrigerate ghee.

The white precipitate is the result of natural process.

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