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Bio Keto Bowl Coconut Force 200gr

829 kr.

The Keto Bowl series is based only on ecological ingredients. These products have been enriched with vitamins and minerals, so that apart from their great taste, they are a healthy alternative to chips, crisps and other unhealthy snacks. They provide the morning energy so necessary for the daily proper functioning of the body. Diet-Food Bio Keto Bowl is a great breakfast product, pour it with your favorite milk or yoghurt.


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bio coconut flour 29%, bio coconut flakes 29%, bio chia seeds, bio coconut drink, bio erythritol

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Nutritional value in 100 g

  • energy value
    2062 kJ / 497 kcal
  • fat 37 g
    (including saturated fatty acids 29 g)
  • carbohydrates 18.6 g
    (including sugars 7 g)
  • fiber 25 g
  • protein 13 g
  • salt 0.117 g

Allergic information:

The product may contain soy, nuts and gluten

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