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BHB Ketones Raspberry – Supplement powder 150gr

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If this is your first time starting the keto diet, you may experience so called ‘keto flu’ (also known as carbohydrate starvation). Once your body starts transitioning from burning glucose to burning fat, you may start to feel unwanted side effects, ranging from nausea and difficulty concentrating to headaches and other flu-like symptoms. Supplementing with ketones usually reduces the impact of these symptoms.

For keto dieters, the goal of making fat their primary fuel source is to produce endogenous ketones (inside the body). However, you can also use exogenous ketones (BHB) to reach a state of ketosis and support your fat-fueled lifestyle.

Recommended daily serving 1 scoop 5gr

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raspberry concentrated juice powder (maltodextrin, concentrated raspberry juice), CalciumBetaHydroxybutyrate (BHBCa), MagnesiumBetaHydroxybutyrate (BHBMg), SodiumBetaHydroxybutyrate (BHBNa), erythritrole

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Nutritional values in 100 g:

  • energy value  344 kJ / 81 kcal
  • fat 0 g
    including saturated 0 g
  • carbohydrates 35 g
    of which sugars 4.6 g
  • fiber 0.3 g
  • protein 0.4 g
  • salt 0 g


The preparation should be stored in a dry, cool place out of reach of small children.

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