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Low carb / keto bread mix 500g

1690 kr.

Now you can enjoy your freshly baked low carb bread!

How to prepare:
250g cream cheese
100g Low carb/Keto bread mix
3 eggs
100ml of water
10g of salt
Mix eggs and cream cheese ell together until gets smooth. Add 100 g of Bread mix, mix again. Add water and salt, mix shortly. Form a loaf of bread or put mass in mould, bake 80 min in 180 C.

You can bake 5 breads out of 1 bag of our Bread mix!

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Potatoe fiber, oat fiber, plantain seeds, psyllium, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

Nutritional values in 100 g:
Energy 799kJ / 191 kcal
Fat 1,7g
saturated 0,3g
Carbohydrates 13,5g
sugars 0,3g
Protein 8,4g
Salt <1g Allergy information: Contains gluten!

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