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Chocolate Chip Kookie Mix 225gr

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This mix creates the perfect keto kookies, just add the mix to a few simple ingredients you will have in the cupboard & voila! Keto friendly, low in carbs & sugar (ONLY 1,7g net carbs per serve), high in fat & fibre. The mix is vegan, gluten free, soya free & palm oil free. With added MCT these kookies will give your keto regime a real boost.
You need:
1 medium egg
55g melted butter
OR vegan alternatives for the eggs and butter
1. Pre-heat oven to 180° C degrees.
2. Place mix in a bowl or food mixer and add the eggs and butter.
3. Mix together to form a dough.
4. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
5. Divide dough into 10  30 g balls.
6. Transfer to the baking tray well spaced apart.
7. Gently flatten to half height.
8. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes.
9. Allow to cool completely before transferring to a wire rack.
Makes 10 cookies. Suitable for home freezing. Store in an airtight container and consume within 5 days.
Contains almonds.
May Contain peanuts, other nuts and milk.

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Almond flour,  Erythritol, Sugarfree Chocolate Chips (Cocoa Mass, Sweetener: Xylitol (25%), Cocoa Butter) (23%), Mct Coconut Powder, Baking Powder, Xanthan Gum, Pink Himalayan Salt, Acacia Gum and Silica

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Nutritional information

Typical values Per 100g 30g
Energy (Kcal) 451Kcal 135Kcal
Fat 41,3g 12,4g
of which saturates 11,5g 3,5g
Carbohydrates 22,3g 6,7g
of which sugars 2,3g 0,7g
Fibre 5,5g 1,6g
Protein 13,9g 4,2g
Salt 0,9g 0,3g
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